Day Off

“Dad, I’m tired,”

“Tired of?”

“Everything. My job, my boss, my partner, my daily routine,”

“So, what do you want to do?”


“Quit? you mean no job?”


“Did you drink coffee this morning?”

“Yup, hot capuchino, Dad, why asking?”

“Hmmm, do you still have your day off?”

“Yes, Dad, 10 days more for this year, why?”

“So, why don’t you just take your day off, maybe for a week. come home and rest,”


“Dear, listen to me. I know you for my whole life, you are my daughter. I know who you are. I know you love to walk, meet new people, talk about everything, have new experience. And now you said that you tired of all that things?”


“If a cup of coffee in the morning couldn’t help you boost your mood. Then just take your day off, come home, and get a rest. You don’t have to do anything at home, just like someone without a job. I guarantee that you will hate it. I know you hate doing nothing. But I think you need to try it, don’t you?”


“If those days off couldn’t change how you feel, then find another job. I allow it.”

“Maybe I just need to take day off, Dad? hmmm.”

“Kid, remember one thing. Everything you decide, everything that makes you happy, I will always support it. But, with term and condition, ok.”

“Ok Dad. Thanks. But could you please not telling mom about this?”

“Hmm? your mom is next to me. I’m at home right now,”



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